Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Pain

Dear Devra,

I realize the reason you missed our workout yesterday is because you had home remodeling trauma. I recognize the fact that you were NOT having fun. But know this.

I envy you.

The workout was great. I got there early. I went on the treadmill for about 30 minutes. I even tweeted from there. I had Vionna all to myself. It was good. Until the end.

Near the end of our workout Vionna asked me to do these bicep exercises where I leaned up against the wall like I was sitting in a chair and lifting these fairly innocuous weights.

Lifting the weights wasn't a problem. My legs wouldn't support me any more.

Eventually we stretched and it was time to go home.

Then I almost fell down the stairs trying to leave.

I was wobbly all day.

Then this morning - oh sweet Jesus. The pain.

I tried to go downstairs to check the laundry. I almost cried. My thighs are killing me

Ian lost one of his Transformers this morning. I could not bend down to help him.

I didn't have eggs for breakfast because the thought of squatting down to get those eggs out of my refrigerator was too much to bear.

In short. I am dying.

You are so lucky you weren't there yesterday. I guess this is what we get for blowing off exercising during our pain.

Oh, and I'll see you tomorrow at the gym!



ps - while I'm not losing much weight my body is really starting to look different. And in a good way.

Monday, July 7, 2008


You will never guess what we are doing next week.

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