Monday, May 18, 2009

I Just Threw Away a Perfectly Good Cheesecake

About a million years ago (okay, it was probably closer to three or four) Devra and I went to Weight Watchers meetings together.

I think there are a lot of wonderful things about Weight Watchers. I find writing things down insanely helpful. I think weighing in in front of a stranger motivating. I have no idea why. And I think that going to meetings with a friend is a sure way to make sure you keep going and stick with the plan. At least somewhat.

There are reasons I don't do Weight Watchers anymore, but the number one reason is that they started charging for meetings that you missed. 

I think that is robbery.

There are also the time constraints. When is a meeting I can go to every week? Right now my life is too unpredictable to make that kind of commitment.

Okay, but none of these things are my point. My point is that I used to go to the meetings.

I think WW meetings are very helpful. I like knowing that other people are having the same struggles as me. Not so much that I like that other people are suffering too, but just feeling not alone makes me feel less crazy and less out of control.

My favorite part of the meetings are when the other people in your class give tips that have helped them.

And one time Devra said she threw away food.

She said she knew once the cookies were in the garbage can she would not touch them.

I remember thinking that it seemed extreme... sort of. But it works.

If I have a bag of Doritos in my house I will eat them. I cannot control myself around Doritos. I know this. If there is a bag of Doritos in the trash can it is no longer food. It is garbage.

Five minutes ago I threw away a cheesecake that only had one piece missing.

Part of me feels like I just threw a $20 bill in the rubbish.

Most of me feels proud that I didn't eat the entire cake by myself like I wanted to.

So thank you, Devra.

And please, nobody tell my husband.

I remember what Devra said she told her husband when he asked about the cookies. She told him she "disposed of them". She said her family just assumed she ate them, and that was fine with her.

Some Motivation For You

Life Up Your Hearts has a list that she thought was getting boring, but I think it is and excellent collection of reasons to lose weight.

Maybe I should read this every day.

Weight Loss Motivation

I would also like to add my own reason. I can no longer stand to look at pictures of myself and we only have about eight more weeks until BlogHer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can No Longer Claim "Baby Weight"

My twins are turning five years old today.

While I feel completely comfortable blaming my stretch marks on carrying two babies around in my body at the same time I think five years is about three years beyond the cutoff where I can actually blame my belly on the pregnancy.

This sucks.


That being said, the weather was so beautiful on Mother's Day that I took a three mile walk. It was lovely. Now if the Gods can just make it 75 degrees and sunny with low humidity every day I will no longer have the excuse not to do that either.
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