Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Sure This is Healthy

Our big contest starts tomorrow.

* takes deep breath*

I'm not screwing around this time either. I really want to lose this belly and gain your hard earned money. You'd have to ask Devra but I think the pot is up over $100 already.

I also have two family weddings coming up in 2010 and I really don't want to be the fat girl in all of the pictures.

*takes another deep breath*

Anyway, today is my last day of being a pig and while I am not going to binge, I am planning on eating some sort of dinner that includes a great deal of cheese and sour cream.

Mmmmm. Cheese.

Because tomorrow morning it will be broughten. I bet we can lose 200 pounds. (All together of course*, not each, that would be too much.)

* I can hear you all saying "I bet we can lose 200 pounds" a la "Airplane!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey Ladies!

Devra and I are very excited that so many of you are joining us in our first "Biggest Loser Mom"* contest.

It looks like now we have about 10 people participating and if (unlike Devra) you can do simple math in your head (I tease her because I love her) you realize that if we all pitch in $10 the pot will me $100.

(Not to be confused with $100 worth of pot, which doesn't help anybody lose weight.)**

We would now like to extend the invitation to those of you playing along at home to also guest post about what you are doing to lose the weight. I think we could all use some good ideas and extra motivation.

And a little trash talking never hurt anybody.

Oh! One more thing! We need a button or banner for our contest. If any of you have mad skills and the inclination you will earn the people's ovation, fame forever*** and a special bonus ad for your blog either here or on SATGS (or both if I can figure it out).

We only have six more days of eating and beer, so let's not waste any more time talking.



* This is in to way restricted to Moms, the contest name is in reference to the name of the website. You don't even have to be a woman. We don't discriminate here.

** So I've heard. Hi Mom!

*** Nothing like a little Food Network humor for all of us that need to lose a few pounds.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Biggest Loser Mom Contest

Dear Annette from Catnip and Coffee :

Thank you for suggesting we have a
Biggest Loser contest. Your comment on our blog has inspired us to kick our own collective ass!

Sarah and Devra

We are announcing "The Biggest Loser Mom"* competition! There will be a Grand prize Loser Mom and a Loser Mom Runner Up. Even if no one else wants to participate, but we hope you will, we're going to do it and post our results.

Sarah and I have talked it over. We agree that while we are each extremely successful at motivating, supporting and encouraging other people, we both,quite frankly, suck at self-motivation, self-direction and tend to discourage ourselves.

Which does make it seem counter productive to participate in a weight loss contest. I mean, when a person (or in our case two) isn't self-motivated, it might go hand in hand that that person (or people) don't give a rats ass if she (or they) win a competition.

Unless maybe the prize could be beer (for Sarah) and a three-way with Ben & Jerry (for Devra).

However, it cannot be those sorts of prizes. Because those are the type of "winnings" have contributed to the collective ass we now wish to lose. It's time for an attitude adjusment. It's time for us to kick our own ass and we invite you to kick it, or your own, too.

Rules are simple. Because if they are complicated we'll just give up, drink beer and eat icecream.

Length of Contest: Begins September 1, 2009. Ends October 15, 2009

Entry fee: $10.00 per participant. Contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 who wants to participate. Entry fees will be kept in a PayPal account which will then be used as prize money for the two winners.

Liability: None for us. You participate of your own free will, medical clearance is your responsibility. Basically we're holding the contest, but participation is at your own risk. Think of this declaration as being similar to the sign you see in restaurants stating they aren't responsible for any articles of clothing left at the establishment.

Weigh-in: Weekly. Weigh yourself on the same scale at the same time of day, wearing the same clothes for each weekly weigh-in. Loss will be calculated by a percentage, not by pound (lb.). Here is an explanation of how to calculate.

Awarding of Prizes: The week of October 15 when the contest officially ends. Two prizes will be awarded, with first prize going to the person who has the highest percentage of weight loss, and second prize to the next highest percentage of weight loss.

* The contest is named for our site "Loser Moms" there is no requirement that participants be moms.
Sign Up Today!

The Biggest Loser Mom Contest

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lack of Motivation

I am nearly as fat as I have ever been.

I hate looking at myself in pictures.

My clothes don't fit.

I want to change.

Yet I binge.

Why can't I get motivated?

I don't think I am depressed, but I can't stand myself.

What is left?

Help me internet, you are my only hope.

Monday, August 10, 2009

And I asked myself, "How did I get here?"

This past weekend we went to an amusement park and my younger son kept poking at my arm and saying things like "You've got a jiggly arm. Why is it jiggly? Mine isn't jiggly." And he is right. My arm is jiggly. However the question that stopped me in my tracks was, "Mom, what happened to you?"
What indeed happened to me? I gained 60 pounds that I can't seem to permanently drop. But that is the easy answer. The harder answer is "What happened to me?" Because something really did happen to me. And I never want it to happen to my kids. Ever.

I had a cousin who died from complications of Anorexia, but this didn't stop my great aunt (her mother) from making comments about my weight whenever I walked into her apartment. I think she thought the observations weren't personal, after all they were just about my weight, not about me; "Oh, Devra's weight looks wonderful." or "What's going on with Devra's weight?" Maybe she thought it was polite conversation and instead of asking "How are you?" she inquired about my weight.
It was ridiculous. And damaging.

There I was in my tweens and teens, average weight for my height, and yet I was continually thinking I was overweight or in danger of being overweight. Looking back on my pictures from my childhood, I was not obese. And yet, I had a doctor tell me in 7th grade "You're as big as a house." The picture of me you see in this post? Taken the same week as my doctor appointment. I'm the one in the purple, the house is wearing white.
So this weekend I had an epiphany of sorts. My son handed me a road map and it's time to find my way to being me again. I don't have a need to be a certain size or weight, all I want is to have my mind connect to my body and be at a point where I can live life, feel healthy and not tsk tsk myself.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help Wanted

We love Vionna. She is a wonderful personal trainer and a she has become a friend to boot, but there is a problem. Vionna's studio is in Bethesda. This rocks if you live in DC, Silver Spring, Chevy Chase, Kensington, Takoma Park* or anywhere around there.

It kind of stinks if you live in Northern Virginia.

The traffic in this area is just too bad. Vionna's studio is probably less than 15 miles from my house, but they are a slow 15 miles. A one hour work out ends up being about 3 1/2 hours round trip.

To make a long story short, Devra and I are on the hunt for a personal trainer somewhere in Fairfax County. Drop us a line if you are interested.

* I couldn't remember the name of Takoma Park so I honest to God Googled "Maryland hippies live" and it came right up. Awesome.
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