Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Can't Handle the Truth


I finally found a diet plan that seems to be working for me.

Drink less beer, eat less food and exercise.

The truth sucks.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If All of My Friends Jumped Off of a Bridge...

Yes Mom, if all of my friends jumped off a bridge I would too.

And THAT is why I am one day three of Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred.

It is also why my shoulders hurt.

It is only a twenty minute work out. I thought "Well, hell. I can do anything for 20 minutes."

I was mistaken. It really hurts.

But for as much as I hate my life while I am doing it, and as much as I know I am only on level one and I have a grave fear of levels two and three, I know that after only two days I can already feel that my abs are tighter.

Sure, there is still a huge layer of fat blocking my awesome ab muscles but maybe that will magically disappear somewhere around day 7.


Either way, I think I am really going to try to stick with it.

For any of you doing the workouts too, you know Natalie? I want my body to look like hers.

I did take pictures right before my first workout, but mercifully my camera battery charger has gone missing and so I am unable to post a picture of myself in work out clothes at this juncture.

Maybe I'll find it closer to day 15.


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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Got My Cardio the Old Fashioned Way

I know, you are thinking I stole my cardio, but it isn't the case at all.

I earned it.

It wasn't on a treadmill or at aerobics class either.

I had these wonderful plans about getting on my elliptical this morning or talking a long walk. See, I finished most of my writing deadlines yesterday so I knew I had three free hours this morning while my kids were at preschool.

(Well, two hours once you subtract all of the time it takes schleping them to and from school, but you know what I mean.)

And then it happened.

I got called in to sub.

My kids go to a cooperative pre-school. This means that every day there is a parent helping out in the classroom. It also means that when a teacher gets sick a parent is called in to substitute.

Today was my day.

It was actually a pretty nice day outside. It was in the high 40s and it was sunny but there was still snow on the playground.

I pulled children in a huge circle around the playground for 40 minutes straight. I kid you not. There was a line.

I ran. I walked. I pulled. I lifted.

I began to sweat.

I did this for 40 minutes.

That was four hours ago and I am starting to get sore and I need a nap, but I burned calories and I made friends with a bunch of four year olds.

(It was like a parallel universe to the exercise I got on Monday when I shoveled my driveway. On Monday my own four year olds accused me of playing in the snow wrong and not pulling them on the sled enough. I maintained that I would much rather pull them on the sled but I had to shovel the driveway or it would turn to ice and we would break our necks trying to leave the house which is much more painful than the emotional trauma of having to make snow angels for 45 minutes.)

So that was my cardio for the day.

How about you?
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