Thursday, October 15, 2009

The End Is Here

Okay all of you Losers, our first season of The Biggest Loser Mom will end tonight at midnight EST. If you have any last minute losing to do, now is the time. Tomorrow morning you need to either email or leave your loss in the comments so we can figure out who are winners are. Also, please submit a "before" and "after" pic so we can post em.

Sarah and I figure we can just take one picture which will represent both. This picture was taken "before." As for "after?" We look about the same minus the hats. But you gals? You are the stars of our show!
That's right, you guys (technically gals) are the winners and we are the true losers having lost our own damn contest. But that's okay. You see the point wasn't just for this contest to be about us, it was supposed to empower you.
And we are delighted with the results. Not only did we get to know one another a little better, we had guest posters and people supporting one another.

So get your stats to us about your progress. We will name a winner and a first runner up.
And for those of you, like Sarah and me, who may not have won anything by losing, we're going to start up the new season of The Biggest Loser Mom when Sarah gets back from her second honeymoon. So stick around and join us for the next season beginning the week of October 26th.

And this time, Sarah and I will kick all of your collective ass.
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