Friday, December 12, 2008

Need dose of reality? Roll the tape! (and a little something about a contest)

I can sit and deny it as much as I like, but there is nothing, but nothing that will bring reality right into my face like seeing myself on film. I understand the camera adds pounds, but not 75 of them. More like 10. So when I recently watched myself on the PBS Youtube channel:

I sound fine and Kristen makes for a fabulous interviewer, but was horrified by my appearance. Not because I'm vain, this is a health issue. There is no way I can continue to be this heavy. I am risking a stroke ya'll.

Time to take action. And I don't mean breaking into my dentist's office, holding the spit sucker to his neck and demanding he wire my jaws shut for the holiday season. I'd probably get arrested. And if I were to be arrested? We all know Jenny Craig isn't a jail house caterer. Besides, I've seen many episodes of Dateline on ID as well as 48 Hours on We . People who go to jail gain weight. I know they have AA meetings in prison, but Weight Watcher's? I doubt it. Nope, I needed to get me some conviction, but not of a felonious sort. So I made like a Nike ad, and Just Did It.

Today I used the Wii Fit to jog for 10 minutes. It's a beginning...

Next week wii'll bii having a contest and give-away. Sii you here next wiik!


jodifur said...

Please, please don't be so hard on yourself. Really. You wouldn't let anyone else talk that way about you. You look great, you have been working really hard.

And I really want a wii fit.

Rose said...

In front of a mirror we know how to turn and squint so that we see what we want to see (more or less. heh.), but in front of a camera... or when we see pictures of ourselves then it's harder to pretend.
Good luck with the new resolutions! I've taken up jogging too, but the low tech version, out in the street and all, yo! (but only because I don't have a wii yet!)

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Yeah, what jodifur and Rose said - you need to take it easy on yourself and remember...each day spent above ground is a good one!

(No, I didn't just make that up - although, I could have - but, it fits)

One day at a time, Momma.

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