Saturday, June 20, 2009

Advice Needed

It is so hard to eat healthy when I am on the road with my kids.

They want to go to McDonalds for every meal. I am convinced that they don't care much about the food but that they love the toys that come with the Happy Meals. I suppose it really isn't important, because I find that while driving 1000 miles with two 5 year olds the deciding factor on where to eat is always what makes them the quietest.

So internet, please tell me, how do you eat healthy (and/or low fat) on long car trips?


Susan said...

I think Subway gives toys in their kids meals. Maybe they'd go for it?

De in D.C. said...

I bring healthy snacks like grapes and baby carrots to munch on. If I eat enough of the snacks, I'm not super hungry when we stop for food and don't overeat or make awful choices.

Scale Junkie said...

pack healthy snacks and compromise. Maybe eat healthy for most of your meals and let the McDonalds be a're the Mom, you're the boss...your rules.

mylfieasitis said...

I'll eat kids meals, so at least I'm not eating tons and tons and tons of calories. Just a small amount of tons. Although lately I've been having McDonalds yogurt/apple/grape salad.

Vicky said...

I do just about everything already listed. I pack fruit and veggies, nuts too and lots of water. When I have to stop I try to eat the kids meals or a healthy alternative. Even picking up a cheese stick, yogurt and water and even fruit at a convenience store can happen.

As for the kids- granola bars. She eats lots of raisins, granola bars and all of the above.

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