Sunday, August 10, 2008

Maverick, it's me. Goose. Help!

Dear Sarah,

Supposedly you are in New Mexico at a wedding and this is your reason for not being at our workout on Thursday. While you were undoubtedly dancing your ass off and counting it as cardio, I was draped over an exercise ball on the rooftop of City Fitness doing lower back extensions. Given my issues with equilibrium, you know it wasn't very pretty. Or balanced.

I think we must make a pact, sealed in perspiration, that we will always go as a pair to see Vionna. No more leaving the wing(wo)man. It's too painful! Whoever coined the term "Safety in numbers" must have shared a personal trainer.

When it was my turn to be with Vionna alone, she made me work my glutes. That's right, she literally made me work my ass off. I just wish I could have worked it off and then left it with Vionna. Not just because it would be one way of reducing my ass quickly, but (heh heh, I said but) because the next day, my tush hurt. My glutes were killing me! Not to mention I had a sensation for the next two days of walking around attached to a Thighmaster.

I can hardly wait for you to get back so we can do more of this:

See you on Tuesday!


Fit in DC said...

Devra is exaggerating. She did great!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I had no idea you were doing this together!

Editor - said...

I like the black and white workout shirt. Very slimming!

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