Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why it Only Cost $7.99

Last week Vionna pointed out that if we just worked out twice a week and didn't change any of our other habit we would probably never meet our goals.

She had a really good point.

My body is definitely in better shape since we started working out with Vionna, but I have only lost about three pounds and I know why. It is because I still eat crappy food and drink too much beer.

Vionna says that we have to do cardio six days a week (I'm trying, but I think I've over committed myself lately) and write down everything we eat.

We are also supposed to start wearing pedometers and keep track of all of our steps in a day.

No problem, right? I've done this before. I was on the 10,000 step plan for a while. It is a fantastic idea. My issue with this - and it is absolutely MY issue - is that I keep losing/breaking my pedometers. I probably have about 5 pedometers in this house somewhere.


Since the only one I could find had a dead battery I just picked one up at the grocery store on Sunday. It was only $7.99. A bargain!

You get what you pay for my friends.

The bastard keeps resetting itself. I have been wearing this pedometer constantly for three days now and I have yet to get a reasonable step count. This is beginning to vex me. It is 11:35 and it has already reset my count twice today.


Lesson learned: Don't buy the $7.99 pedometer at the grocery store. Spend the extra $13 and get a good one.

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