Friday, August 29, 2008

This is what I ate today.

I am following Vionna's instructions and writing down what I ate today. Let me warn you right now, it's not pretty. It may disgust you. You may want to turn back now and read no further. But I have made the commitment to write it all down. You on the other hand, have made no commitment that you must have to read it. But if you are so inclined, or you are some sort of masochist, then who am I to tell you to stop reading? But consider yourself warned.

I woke up and had two cups of coffee. We ran out of skim milk while I was out of town and neither my husband nor my mother purchased any. I was forced, forced I tell you, to use the Whole Milk which I had purchased for a recipe I decided I should no longer make because it's not low calorie/low fat. Of course, did I get rid of the sinful milk? Of course not. Two tablespoons of it are in my coffee with about 4 packets of Splenda. (If you are a a coffee purist, yes, I I know. I did offend you. Sorry!)

Now is the time I mention that I hate breakfast about as much as I hate math. So I skipped it. Go ahead, let the flogging commence.

After my kids ate breakfast, because I have successfully brainwashed them to believe they need it, my younger son and I went to the grocery store. I purchased grapes, blueberries and kiwi. I would love to report that these are what I ate when I returned home. But no. One of the kids had opened the box of recently purchased rice crispy treats and I ate one. I do acknowledge that I did not eat more than one. I. Just. Ate. One. And then I had to try the new Pringles Honey Butter flavored stix things which sounded like they would taste good. Unfortunately it took me the entire 90 calorie pack to decide they sucked and I don't like them. But if you have a hankering for the taste of movie popcorn fake butter in a stick form, you may love these things.

Then lunch rolled around. I ate two skinny cow ice cream cones whilst hearing Grover in my head asking, "Why you not eat some low sodium tuna?" To which I can only answer, "I dunno."

I drank several glasses of decaf iced tea. At the store I did not purchase any soda of any kind. I am committed to drinking water and decaf tea. Well, at least after I have my morning coffee. I cannot give up the morning coffee otherwise I'd hallucinate. I know I would. Don't try to tell me it wouldn't happen. I know it would. When i was in high school my mother tried to give up coffee. One morning I walked downstairs and into the kitchen. My mother looked at me and earnestly inquired, "So, Devra, where are you going to be today?" Um. School. Like I have been almost every morning for the past 12 years of my life. If someone I am related to gives up caffeine and loses touch with reality, I know I will too.

Dinner was Shrimp scampi, but a low fat version made with olive oil. lemon juice and very little butter. I measured out the pasta into a one cup container. I ate 5 shrimp. I loaded the plate with fresh mushrooms, onion and garlic. I'd say dinner was a success. I drank more decaf iced tea.

For dessert I had another skinny cow ice cream cone.

Now do me a favor? Someone count up my calories because you know I hate math.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I don't know how many calories that is but I guarantee that it is less than the amount I consumed yesterday.

(We baked cookies.)

Laurel said...

2 2 cups coffee
13 2 splenda
36 4 tblsp whole milk
90 rice crispy treat
90 pringles honey butter flavored stix
450 skinny cow ice cream cones (3) 150 each
5 iced tea (3)
100 5 large shrimp
21 mushrooms (1/2 c)
119 olive oil (2 tbsp)
203 butter (2 tbsp)
146 1 c pasta
8 lemon juice (1 oz)
7 onion (1 tbs_

TOTAL 1290

A lot of those calories are from fat though.

Anonymous said...

Here is what I ate so far today. I am pregnant and starving!
5:00am banana and 10 almongs
6:30am 1 egg with 1 slice whole what toast
10:00am 1 orange and 4 saltines with peanut butter
1pm chili with lean ground beef over baked potato
2:00pm 2 pretzels
3pm 1 cup strawberries

laurie said...

I'm going back through your archives here because a. I'm desperately trying to talk myself into going to the gym for the first time since Blogher and I can't seem to do it although I was doing so well before that (in which timeframe I've probably gained five pounds except I'm scared to weight myself) and b. I just read another blogger's account of her exhausting exercise regime and her plan for a four-pack by January and she made it sound like it was easy and I got depressed. So I'm at my desk exhausted having a mini-exercise-avoidance mental breakdown exacerbated by a really, really bizarre weeklong bout of PMS. And the Grover thing? I just laughed out loud all by myself for minutes. And the Skinny Cow ice cream cone bit made me laugh out loud too. So thanks. :)

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