Friday, January 16, 2009

If I tell her it's Quaker, she may get even more confused.

Last night my mother called from Connecticut. She had a question for me. "Are you going into DC for the inauguration?" What follows is my unedited answer and the conversation which followed:

Me: No, we're not going into DC. I think it will be too chaotic. Just the idea of going reminds me of what it felt like to attend the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade when I was little and had to peek through people's legs to watch the floats and marching bands. It's not like I've really gotten that much taller either. I don't think a grown woman peeking through the legs of others would be appropriate, even if it is to watch a presidential inaugaration.

Mom: Are you going to watch it at your house?

Me: We're inviting a few people over to watch history from Sarah's house. And we won't even have to cook. Balducci's is our caterer.

Mom: What did you say about Jesus?

Me: Nothing. I didn't say anything about Jesus.

Mom: Oh I thought you said something about Jesus and catering.

Me: Contrary to what you may have thought you heard, Jesus is not our personal caterer, it's Balducci's.

If you want to check in on our Tuesday morning gathering we will be tweeting it and possibly Ustreaming too. More details can be found here!

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