Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scale Rider

MammaLoves left a commment on Sarah's previous post:
"You know this means I have to go out and actually purchase a scale, don't you."
Guess what? I need a new scale too.  I've purchased many in my lifetime and never found one I liked all that much.   I guess it would be easy to blame the scale for telling me things I don't want to know, like I weigh more than I thought I did.  Damn scale. Truth teller. Condemning me for my love triangle with these guys.

I've had both digital and the kind with the needle that goes around. (Is that called analogue? My husband and I just had about a 5 minute debate about it. Still no answer.) The problem I've had with digital scales is they tend to record my weight differently each time I hop on. This causes me to step off and on the scale a few times and attempt to average my weight after three attempts. The hopping on and off does not raise my heart rate and I can't count it as cardio, plus it makes me do math.  I hate both. Math and Cardio.

The scale with the watch face (what the hell do you call it?) I'm never sure if I get the cheap-o one if that one will be accurate.  I'm not sure I even know why I feel as if the mechanical (that's still not the correct term Is it?) one has to be expensive for it to be accurate. Do the less expensive ones do the job and last? I have no idea. The expensive scales seem really big and might take up the entire square footage of my bathroom. 

For those of you who have a scale, or purchased one recently:

What kind did you get? Digital or the manual? (that just sounds wrong. Is it?)
  • Do you like it?
  • Where did you purchase it?
  • How much did it cost?


Mamma said...

So we've established:

Much love for Ben & Jerry

Not so much for Math & Cardio

There is a reason we are friends.

Kelly said...

I have a Tanita digital scale. It's totally accurate though some days I wish it would weigh me lighter like the WII Fit does.

Andrea Meyers said...

We have a Tanita digital scale, and though slightly old it is unfairly accurate, which is why I avoid it.

Kim Tracy Prince said...

I like my scale - it's a digital Weight Watchers branded scale - but in preparing to list our home for sale I put it in storage. I love it now! No scale, no gained weight!

Devra said...

I have a Tanita too, but mine is not accurate. Maybe it's too old? How often should a scale be replaced? I should find a scale expert to write about this...

Christina said...

I have an older Tanita scale that also does body fat %. It's fairly accurate as long as it's on a stable, solid surface. And unfortunately has no way to turn off showing you your body fat percentage. That part is the most depressing.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

You guys might have a three-way with Ben and Jerry, but I've got a standing orgy with all Five Guys.

I use the scale downstairs in the nurse's office. It's digital. And a liar.

Feeder of the Hungry Beans said...

I use my Wii Fit as a scale. I like that it charts my weight in a nice line graph ... okay, I don't actually "like" it, but I do appreciate its utility.

Karen Putz said...

I don't own a scale. Instead, I go to the health club and I get on the public scale in the women's locker room. I may be deaf, but I know I can hear those "Oh my goshs" when I step on it.

Natalie S said...

I have a scale by Taylor that I've been happy with for about two years. We live in an old house and the wood floors can mess with the balance, and it somehow knows, and instead of zeroing out, it will tell me +2.2lbs, or +1.6 lbs or whatever. Sometimes I just move the scale so it will zero out. But it never (sometimes sadly) fluctuates.

Goddess in Progress said...

I've got a Tanita, too. The one that also does body fat, though I haven't used it in a while. I've had it for more than five years, simply because I remember having it at my old apartment before I got married. :-)

I have found it pretty accurate. Or, at least, consistent, which is good enough for me. I also do the "best of three" rule on my weigh-in mornings. But it really only wavers on either side of the .5, so that's an acceptable margin of error for me. I also make sure it's on a hard, flat surface (a single large bathroom tile) and stand as straight and still as I can.

Devra said...

I also have the Tanita scale that records your body fat. I no longer have the directions for it, so it still says I'm 36 years old. So it at least makes me feel young.

I bought the Tanita because it was rated well in Consumer Reports. Anyone else do that too?

Anonymous said...

I have been debating between the Wii Fit as my scale for the reasons Feeder of the Hungry Beans mentioned or the old-fashioned scale in our bathroom. Problem with the one in our bathroom is JavaGirl likes to move it around the house and JavaBoy likes to mess with the dial that changes the zero out on it. I want the one that says I'm still 36 years old -- where can I get that?

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