Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday: C'est La Vie (You Never Can Tell)

My weigh-in never ceases to surprise me.

This week I worked out pretty much every day. I think I may have skipped a day, it is impossible to tell because the Snopocalypse is making my days all run together. I haven't left my house in a week.

Apparently being a shut-in also makes me eat and drink more because I was up 2.5 pounds this week.

I am a little bit discouraged but even though I am back up I feel better. I look better.

My scale can suck it.


Devra said...

I'm going to guess you have lost weight, but your increase in muscle is what put your weight up.

I bet next week your body will have adjusted and you will be on the losing end again. In a good way.

I lost a pound. I've been counting calories. I exercised once. Right now I have put myself on 1500 calories a day.

The shut-in is definitely a challenge. Pete made waffles this morning, not just any waffle, Belgian Strawberry waffles. And bacon. OMG. I had a quarter of the waffle and four strips of bacon. I wrote it all down with the calories included. I am so glad I only had a quarter of the waffle. They are 450 calories for the WHOLE THING.

One meal down, 2 more to go, and some snacks. 1,148 calories to consume.

Natalie S said...

That girl on BL last night, she gained a pound on the ranch but went home and then lost twenty pounds.

Keep it up. I found a great quote last night.

Success is not final.
Failure is not fatal
It is the courage to continue that counts.

MamaMaven said...

Between Snowmageddon and AF I gained 3.2 pounds this week. Ugh!

CaraBee said...

By some miracle I managed to lose a pound this week, despite being quarantined thanks to all of this godforsaken snow. The only thing that saved me was continuing to count calories. I shoot for 1600-1700 a day. I went over on more than one day, but not by far. It was so hard, every day locked in this house, all I wanted to do was EAT. But I'm keeping my eye on the prize: those size 10 jeans. Instead of the cherry pie.

Stimey said...

Oh crap. What day is it? I forgot to weigh myself. I think it's Thursday today, but it feels like Sunday. Can I let you know next Wednesday? I promise to remember. Or do you want it tomorrow morning?

Devra said...

Stimey, Next Wed is fine. But you forget again, we're going to add 7 pounds.

I kid.

Devra said...

Stimey, Next Wed is fine. But you forget again, we're going to add 7 pounds.

I kid.

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