Monday, February 1, 2010

Please Don't Call It A Cake Walk

How come I am so talented at effortlessly gaining weight but losing it takes a lot of planning on my part? I can stare down a piece of cake and almost instantaneously gain a pound. I don't have to get on the elliptical for an hour to gain that pound.  Losing that same pound?  Oh hell. It takes a month and I have to think about it constantly.

This sucks. I know I need to work past the anger and frustration. And while I know there is "no easy way" to do this, I can't help but resent that gaining this weight seemed like a piece of cake.

Or maybe a few pieces of cake. Dammit.


Goddess in Progress said...

No fricking joke! I work so hard and have to be so good to go down a pound or two. But have a few bad days, and they're right back on. Blech.

I've heard that, when you lose weight, it essentially empties out the fat cells, but the cells themselves remain. So that's why it's so much easier to re-gain weight if you've been heavy before - your body doesn't have to create new cells, just fill the ones it has. Charming.

Stimey said...

Exactly. And all that bullshit about "it takes time to put on the weight, so it takes time to take it off?" Yeah, why does it take six times as long to take it off?

surly, surly, grumble, grumble...

And did you have to post a photo of cake? Now I'm hungry. For cake.

(But I did just run/walk for 32 minutes, so fuck all y'all.)

Karen Putz said...

I've hit a bit of a slump in the weight loss part but... I've gained some progress in the strength department. When I first started swimming a month ago, I was out of breath all the time. I could only swim FOUR strokes of butterfly. Yesterday, I butterflied the entire length of the pool-- I was gasping for breath but it was worth it.

But damn it-- why doesn't the scale budge?

Devra said...

that cake was from my son's birthday party, it was dry and tasted like crap.


Devra said...

I want to put bars on my cells so the fat can't get back in.

Devra said...


I have a deep appreciation for the abilty to "fly" it's not easy!

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