Thursday, April 16, 2009

My friend, it isn't coincidence that foodieism rhymes with Judaism. Happy Passover!

When Passover hits, I keep it for the entire 8 days, I clear out all the bread, pasta and yeast from our pantry. For weeks prior to Passover I search online and in my cookbooks for Passover recipes. But we don't keep Kosher the rest of the year, I don't use different plates than the ones we use every day. We've even welcomed tortilla's into our life as "unleavened bread."

I've also been known to announce we are having Sephardic Night so we can go ahead and eat corn and rice during Passover which is something Ashkenazi Jews don't customarily do.

So it was no wonder I had the following exchange with my younger son today as we were discussing tonight's dinner menu:

Son Two: Can we make Shrimp Scampi for dinner?
Me: Sure. But we're going to make the recipe from Cooking Light.
Son Two: It's the recipe using the long flat noodles. Right?
Me: Yes, but we're having the Scampi over rice because we can't have noodles since it's still Passover.
Son Two: stares at me. Hard.

Suffice it to say Matzo Ball Soup made it back onto the menu this evening. And I even made it with broth that did not include "yeast extract."

I am a walking, talking and cooking contradiction.

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

For the non Jewish readers in the group that have no clue what Devra is talking about - shellfish are not kosher.

The shrimp are the thing.

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