Monday, September 7, 2009

Biggest Loser Mom Progress Report: Day 7

Well, the Holiday weekend has been tough. Gabe barbecued a pork shoulder and it was amazing.

This morning I was down .5 pounds (overall) which is a pound up from three days ago.

And you guys are right. I shouldn't weigh myself every day. That is a recipe for mania.

Still, I'm doing better. I am getting back into the routine of exercising. I am paying more attention to what I am putting in my mouth. At my fantasy football draft I only ate one piece of meatatarian pizza (albeit a POUS) and I only drank two beers. There was a bowl of chips in front of me and I did not even eat one.

Not one chip. That is some sort of superhuman willpower.

At least superSarah willpower. Salty snacks and beer are like Kryptonite to me.

While I don't seem to be on track to win the big money I am making progress.

How are you guys doing? How did your first week go?


ps - Send me your guest posts on the biggest loser mom challenge and I will post them.

pps - Clearly that is not my scale. The last time I weighed 115 I was in elementary school.


Stimey said...

I lost two pounds. Yay! But that was before I ate my weight in grilled cheese sandwich today.

Goddess in Progress said...

I've had some good days and some chuck-it-out-the-window days. Thankfully more good than bad, though we'll see what my nemesis, the scale, has to say on the subject tomorrow morning.

Yesterday's Labor Day BBQ was totally worth it. Ribs, macaroni salad, and peach pie with ice cream. Let's hope it didn't totally sabotage me!

Laurie said...

I only did this thing to keep my head in the game with people I actually liked, so I'm not pressuring myself with numbers. But still, yuck, significant problems getting my head back in this particular game this time around. I wish I'd kept up whatever I was doing until August kicked my ass. I need to sit down with myself and figure out what that was, because I still have the same ultimate goal, I just got off track with my strategy and focus.

I'm paying attention though, which is better than nothing, and actually working the exercise back in (I need it.) I have no interest in tracking my food anymore, as it turns out. That's been a bit problematic.

Tomorrow I'm going to go back to wellness at work, work on consuming the crazy amount of water that I know makes a difference and restock my lunch supplies so I don't flee to Hard Times for wings.

Sigh. It's so daily with me.

Devra said...

I decided not to weigh myself all week. Helping in that decision was the fact we were away all last week and no one I visited had scale in their house. Or if they did, they didn't have it out in plain sight.

So this morning was the first time I popped back on the scale.

I am at 199.4. So I am down a few lb's. However, I don't do math, so I am not sure by how many.

My jeans feel looser. : )

This week was quite a challenge, because we went back to places where we used to live, which means wanting to eat at all the places I loved when we lived there. I decided to only order appetizers or only eat half of what was on my plate. Dessert, when ordered, was split among me and the kids. Or just a spoonful of whatever it was they ordered for themselves.

I drank more water, still not as much as I should. This week I will try to drink more H2O and write down what it is I am eating.

Overall I am very pleased with my progress considering I could have easily eaten, and drank, my way through Illinois and Kansas.

Natalie S said...

omgosh, LOVE grilled cheese....

Nancy said...

I was down a pound before the weekend. The weekend included BBQ and CAKE for my now-2-year-old. (A cake in the shape of Mickey Mouse...made out of *4* pans of cake.) With the home made to-die-for powdered sugar frosting. Ya. I'm betting that that pound is completely erased.

Natalie S said...

Not sure if I'm supposed to post my weekly weigh in here, but I forgot earlier this week. I was down to 181.4. I don't think I was particularly careful last week so I'm not sure if the scale 'lied' last week, or this week.

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