Friday, September 11, 2009

I Should Follow My Own Diet Advice

While on a diet:

1) A cheese steak sandwich isn't the best choice.

2) One lunch is enough.

3) You don't need cookies.

I blame PMS.


Goddess in Progress said...

I'd totally blame PMS if it hadn't been like 3 years since I had it. But man, I've been super snack-y and comfort-eating the last few days. It's only a good thing that I don't have better junk food in the house.

Trying to get back on track today, so far so good...

Nancy said...

Ya. I gained 3 pounds this week. My little guy turned 2 and we had a FANTASTIC cake ... and I ate a lot of it. *sigh*

Laurie said...

The calendar completely explains why I left the gym due to a blood sugar crash the other night and found it completely essential to my continued survival on the planet buy a bag of Utz, onion dip stuff, and another pint of Haagen Daaz brown sugar ice cream.

I forgot what day it was. I just thought I was crazy. It's still the most profoundly disgusting thing I've done in a very long time. Classy, really.

Sally said...

My kids and I devoured half a bag of oreos before we got to the checkout line in Target the other day. I sort of suck at this.

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