Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guest Post: I hate these losers!

I want you to know that I hate you both for being such loser moms. I actually EXERCISED today (on purpose!)for the first time since Hurricane Katrina.

You suck.

At the time, the health club where I worked out was shut down for several months and so I had a "valid excuse". After that I was too "stressed" to exercise. But after reading your inspiration, I was either subjected to my own personal guilt, or else I just succumbed to your subtle form of positive parental peer pressure. So my era of more than two years without purposeful exercise has come to a close.

I blame you two.

My goal was to just get my heart rate elevated for just 20 lousy minutes. No prob. I jogged/walked for a couple of miles. Unfortunately as I turned the corner and jogged into the park to use the walking trail, I ran right into 4 classes of kids from my daughter's elementary school having a picnic, and saw 4 women that I know. Nothing like gasping for air, and sweating to death while trying to make a good impression. Secretly I know that they were all jealous of my internal motivation and were thinking that they really needed some exercise too (at least I hope that's what they were thinking while they stuffed picnic food into their pieholes).

Anyway, your blog got me going, and I am either the envy of the neighborhood or possibly the laughing stock. So I just wanted to say...

Thanks biatches!!



Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Oh yeah. Sorry about that.

Devra said...

Not only am I loser, evidently I am boring too. Did you see that comment? LOL

Road Trip Mom said...

Oh wow! I followed a link to this post from your home page under "you might also like" and read this. Then I realized about halfway through it, that *I* wrote it! LOL

It was over a year ago. I want to give an update and let you know that I am still faithfully exercising. I even rejoined a gym and have been making it a goal to get there at least twice a week.

What has helped more than anything though, is that I took up swing dancing about 6 months ago. Great exercise! And it's so much fun that I am super motivated to work on my cardio so that I can dance longer without getting winded.

Best advice ever: Find a fun way to exercise that you actually like and it's easy to stay motivated!

Keep up the good work ladies!

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