Friday, May 23, 2008

Ouch: The Day After

Sarah says:

Holy hell. My armpits hurt.

Vionna didn't even work us hard yesterday. She was only trying to get an idea of what kind of shape we were in.

I am such a wimp.

Did I mention that I could only do 8 girl push ups and Devra did something insane like 44?

Devra says it is because she is closer to the ground.

This is the past where I get to mention that I am 5' 9" and Devra is (I swear to God this is how she said it) 4' 10" 3/4.

I told her it was okay to round up to 4' 11".

So I promised that I would go on my elliptical at 5:00 this morning. Of course I slept through that workout. I'll do it later. After all. The whole internet knows. Well, maybe not the entire internet but the 38 people that read this site.

Anyway, my armpits hurt and so do my thigh muscles. (I suspect these have a name but biology words make me squeamish.)

No pain no gain right?

So I'm taking bets on who thinks I am going to die during our first real workout. I'm putting my money on me laying on the ground and crying at some point. I lean toward the over dramatic.


Nancy said...

Hey, I'm close to the ground too but there's NO WAY IN HELL I could do 44 pushups.

(Methinks I might need to consider hiring a personal trainer myself!)

nikki said...

Try doing squats for 6 hours as you put in a new kitchen floor. Love peel n' stick tile. Squats? Not so much.

I can't even do 1 push up.

Devra said...

There is no way in hell I could do 44 pushups and still be able to move my arms at all.

Dear lord, 26 about did me in!

Devra said...

I'm also wondering if we may need a ride home after that first work-out.

Anyone know a limo company looking for free advertising?

PunditMom said...

One of the many reasons I love Devra is because I am an Amazon next to her. Sadly, not when I'm next to Sarah! ;)

De in D.C. said...

The thing that makes me sad is Sarah and I wear the same size shoes. And she's 5" taller than me. WTF?!

When I was working out regularly, I could do about 10 guy pushups at a time. Now I can do 2. Or 3. But I can't go all the way down. I could probably do two dozen girly pushups in a row, but trying to tackle two flights of stairs? Dead.

Jill said...

can I please join your weight loss challenge? I need someone to motivate my lazy ass! HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Debra said...

I vote for crying and puking somewhere in that first workout. But it all gets better from there.

Yesterday Maria Niles did her age in pushups. (and it was her birthday!). She's been working out since January. I did my age, too. (just a bit higher).

If Devra can do the pushups, I bet she can't do squats.

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