Thursday, May 22, 2008

Here Goes Nothing

It is I. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah.

You may be wondering why I am voluntarily calling myself a loser. It isn't just my normal self-deprecation. Devra and I are on a mission. Our first goal is to lose 10 pounds by BlogHer '08.

We've got six weeks and a secret weapon.

Our secret weapon? Meet Vionna Jones from Fit in D.C.

Vionna will be doing our personal training twice a week.

We had our first session today. We spent the morning doing several different activities so that Vionna could determine how out of shape we are what our current levels of physical fitness were. She also measured us and figured out our BMI.

It wasn't pretty.

But you know what? That is why we are doing this.

I've got my journal to write down what I put in my mouth and what kind of physical activity I do every day.

I'm not sure the spaces are big enough for me to write down everything I eat in a day.

My problem is evident. I eat too much, I drink too much beer and I spend too much time on my fat ass staring at the computer.

Now we change that. Devra and I will be posting our story here.



Neil said...

That is one big undertaking. We'll be watching.

Silly Old Bear said...

"I eat too much, I drink too much beer and I spend too much time on my fat ass staring at the computer."

You call this a problem, to me it's the Ideal Woman.

(but not if it doesn't make you happy)

Lori said...

Cool! I don't have a personal trainer, but I started my own regimen this month. I visit the gym M-F, and I track what I eat (and what I did at the gym) at The first day of tracking was the hardest; it seemed easier to just write everything down longhand than to search for foods. Now that I've got a long list of "things I eat regularly", however, it's AWESOME. It's particularly handy for calculating partial portions.

I'll be cheering you on from the calorie-counting stands!

Road Trip Mom said...

I hope you both are total LOSERS!! I'm proud to know two loser moms. Bring it on.

Classy Mommy said...

good for you guys. i'll be reading. the notebook food thing sounds tough! i keep trying to committ to get back into it as well but it is so tough M-F. i'm great on weekends with running but the week kills me as i don't make time for myself to exercise.

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