Thursday, May 29, 2008

HydraCoach Water Bottle Review

After reading a recommendation from a We Covet reader, I found myself coveting it too. I even called and emailed the company to see if they would consider sending samples to Sarah and me. But then I decided I didn't want to wait and see, I wanted the HydraCoach now. I went to Target and shelled out over 20 bucks for the bottle.

There are definite pros and cons:


Edited to add: de in DC has a serious one to add, the plastic reservoir of this bottle is type "7" which is the kind under scrutiny due to preliminary findings that "7" contains Bisphenol, a chemical which has been identified as being a possible carcinogen.

It's heavy. It's even heavier when you fill it with water.

In order to sip water from the bottle, you have to bite down on a silicon stem and suck. Not only is this uncomfortable on my teeth, it just feels too much like I am sucking on a sippy cup.

Having spent a lot of time in New England, it occurred to me the silicon stem of the bottle is far too reminiscent of the neck of a steamer. Again, something I found to be disconcerting if not flat out creepy. ( note picture of longneck clams)

It is very easy to program.

The digital display is clear. Buttons are easy to figure out.

Program your weight into the bottle and it will give you a recommendation of how many ounces of water you should be drinking to be properly hydrated. (Although one of the guys at the gym commented "What if it's a really hot day? How will it know?" Is it a valid point? I have no idea because I'm too busy hydrating myself and peeing like a racehorse as a result.)

Keeps track of how much you have had to drink, in ounces or in metric.

Pros and Cons aside. My biggest problem is I kept forgetting where I put the thing. Not the bottle's fault. It's all on me. At one point as we were getting ready to go from point A to Point B, Sarah asked, "Hey, you want this?" and I responded, "Want what?" (Picture Sarah dangling the hydracoach by it's handle thingy and looking at me hard.)

Can I recommend this gadget? Not for the price. If it were 10 bucks I think it would be a better investment.


De in D.C. said...

It also looks to be made of the evil #7 plastic. Just throwing that out there.

Devra said...

Oh crap, I just read the bottom of the bottle. You are correct, it has the 7 on it. Back to the store it goes!

Nicole said...

Just want to send BLOGLOVE to you ladies!!!

Keep up the good work !!!!

Vicky said...

Love that you guys are doing this! I'm proud of you both!

You called the clams steamers!! I thought that was just a New England thing. Steamahs!

See you at BlogHer!

Devra said...

It might be a New England thing. I half grew up in that area, Connecticut. Used to go "clamming" along Milford beach with my cousins who would come up from NYC.

Even so, I don't call a "sub" a "grinder." I also half grew up in NYC. ; )

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