Thursday, June 5, 2008

Driving while Under Age (80) and Dilated

I'm going to have to work way harder this week since my schedule did not allow for me to see Vionna at all.

Obviously the first thing I will have to do is Jumping Jacks for one minute. I'll also have to do 25 minutes of Cardio. Actually 27 minutes because Sarah said my piss-offedness from Monday doesn't count as cardio. I'd capitalize the entire "B" word on that, but it's too hot to move let alone shout in caps. It's also too hot to write a post that flows well, so just bear with me.

Here is what I ate today thus far:

A bottle .5L bottle of water. (Yes, technically I drank from the bottle.)

A Gyro Salad with dressing on the side. This was essentially enough iceberg lettuce to be it's own head AND mine. It was a lot of lettuce, a little red onion, two kalmata olives and no banana peppers. The banana peppers were supposed to be in the salad, but they were absent, I missed them but not enough to flag down the server to ask about it. I had the Tzatziki dressing on the side and I didn't use all of it.

An iced tea with Splenda.

Water, many many ounces of water.

I skipped breakfast. I hate breakfast. I know. Don't tell me. I actually was much thinner before anyone tried to tell me I had to eat breakfast. Eating breakfast messed me up but good. So now I am going back to my roots where I ate a mid-morning snack around 10AM with Judge Marilyn Milian.

I also skipped coffee, but that wasn't intentional. My mother is visiting and she drank all of the first pot of coffee and I didn't have time to make more then I forgot to stop for a cup on the way to the eye doctor. After the eye doctor, I decided to go directly home because my eyes had been dilated and...

This is how I rolled.

Other motorists honked at me like I've never been honked at before. Evidently when you sit low, and have to drive slow and rock these shades, assumptions are made about the age of the driver.

Ageist bastards!
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