Thursday, June 12, 2008

Take it From Me

Just because you are working out every day doesn't mean you can eat like a pig a still lose weight.

Take it from me.

Our daily Thursday weigh in will take place in approximately 90 minutes and I am pretty sure I have actually gained a pound even though I think I lost 8 pounds in water weight alone sweating my ass off at the Race for the Cure this weekend.

If I want to be down 10 pounds by BlogHer I am going to have to step up the dieting. I'm just bad at moderation.

Any advice?

(Who has the Fen-Phen?)


De in D.C. said...

Turn your AC off. It's hard to have an appetite when it's 95 out.

Anonymous said...

Losing weight is about the hardest thing ever. I feel your pain. You could always try getting a divorce. Many people lose a LOT of weight when they do that. Kind of expensive though, and they eventually gain it back, one way or another. :-)

Christina said...

Wish I had advice. I was reading a forum on Babycenter and someone knew of a reputable Canadian pharmacy where they can get phentermine (half of the old phen/fen), and for a minute, I nearly considered illegal pharmacy drugs. Maybe two minutes.

I have been told that taking a super B-vitamin supplement helps with losing belly fat, since it counteracts cortisol, the stress hormone that forces your body to store fat in the belly.

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