Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just as I Suspected

It is just as I suspected. I have a big belly because I eat and drink too much.

The exercising is going really well. In fact, yesterday I had a solo workout with Vionna because Devra was stuck in New York with some famous people.

Sometimes I think that woman knows everybody.

What was I saying? Oh, right. I eat too much and I drink too much beer.

At our first work out Vionna gave us these journals where we are supposed to write down everything we eat. Mine isn't even complete and it is embarrassing.

How does Devra always put it? I have no pie hole control.

I think this whole dieting thing would be easier if everybody just stopped brewing delicious beer. And perhaps backed off on the Tootsie Roll production.

All that aside, I already feel and look better. I'm not into my size 10 jeans yet. Fine, I'm not into my size 12 jeans yet, but my 14s are looser and that counts for something. Between working out with Vionna and Devra and walking with my temporary roommate Lori, things are going in the right direction. Just imagine if I was eating well!


MCM Mama said...

Yeah, good beer is my downfall too. In fact, I run so I can drink...

Go you on the good work

Road Trip Mom said...

I take full credit for teaching the phrase, "pie hole control" to Devra. I think I first learned it from my sister when we were on a diet together. We have since learned that pie hole control applies not only to eating, but also to running our mouths uncontrollably. One can never have too much pie hole control!

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