Saturday, June 14, 2008

Turning a Corner

On Thursday I reluctantly went to our workout.

I was feeling like crap. I had a headache and I was all crampy. (TMI? Sorry about that.) I was even slightly nauseous.

This is the reason working out with a partner works so well. If it has just been me I probably would have called in sick, but Devra was coming to pick me up so I went anyway, cramps and all.

We got stuck in traffic. That tends to happen when you try to go anywhere in DC so we showed up 20 minutes late to a 60 minutes session.

We jumped on the treadmill for 5 minutes (we do this to get our heart rates up) and then we started working on circuits: crunches, slams, rows, pushups, riverdance, and squats. (I'll explain riverdance and slams as soon as I get the pictures from Vionna.)Then we stretched and Devra and I went back on the tradmill for 20 more minutes.

I have to say, a while back 20 minutes (at 4.0 speed) on the treadmill would have killed me but you knopw what? I felt great. My cramps were gone, my headache was gone and I was in a much better mood.

This must be what everyone keeps talking about. In the past when people said they didn't feel right if they didn't go on their five mile run that day I thought they were smoking crack or something. But no, I was energized.

I think I am becoming a new person.

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